We are looking for an experienced App Developer to join us for a revolutionary big data app project and rest assure that your contribution is part of the key to make an impact!

If you are (both) hungry for startup experience and food, deliver your CV to career@budsneverstop.com or inbox us to learn more!

Character and Experience:

  • Hungry for food and enjoy coding for impact
  • Perfectionist but agile, investigative – never assume without reason
  • At least 2+ more professional experience in building native or hybrid apps. Mastering at least one of the followings: Flutter, React Native, Objective C, Swift, Java, Kotlin,
  • Familiar with Android and iOS SDK framework
  • Possess concept of Apps Life Cycle
  • Knowledge in Memory Management
  • Proficiency in Chinese or English
  • Preferred experience:
    • Communicating with UX/UI designers
    • Working with Unit Testing, UI Framework, Gradle; Protocol Based Programing, Autolayout Constraints, Stack Views, Generic Function, Functional Programming
    • Using App Annie, Proguard or anything comparable

Role and Responsibilities:

  • In charge of the development for the company’s flagship app
  • Involve in planning, brainstorming with founding teams on features that can maximize the impact of the app
  • Dev documentation
  • Ad-hoc assistance on website update

What you will get:

  • Highly visible impact and feedback from end users
  • Creative working environment with little office hierarchy and no bureaucracy
  • A founding team with gluttony to leave a mark
  • Directly working with CTO and data scientist
  • A developer-friendly environment that values code quality and elegant architecture

Tech Stack:

Below are the tech stacks that we may use, waiting for you to define together.

  • Backend: Python, Go, Typescript, Kotlin, Rust
  • Web Frontend / PWA: React.js, Vue.js
  • Storage/Cache: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Elastic Search
  • Mobile: Native iOS (Swift), Android (Kotlin), React Native, Flutter
  • Tools: Slack, Gitlab, Trello, Toggl
  • DevOps: Docker, Kubernetes, Gitlab