Internship Program


Year 3, B Eng Biomedical Engineering, CUHK

Dayan Melisov

During my internship period, I have learned several important lessons on personal responsibility, and how not to fall into stress and despair. I have also got a glimpse of understanding of how the corporate world operates and how should one act to succeed in it.

Personal responsibility is an important issue, especially when people work in a group or in a large corporation and rely on one another to produce goods or provide services. Each element in the system is dependent on each other and that binds everyone quite strongly. If one misbehaves or works inefficiently, slowing the whole team down, it will negatively affect the company; and therefore customers, the people who trust the organization, may get an unsatisfactory experience. The responsibility is the feeling that brings so much stress and misery if you fail to do the job properly. But it is the same feeling that wakes you up in the morning and inspires you to work hard because you can contribute so much to society through your efforts.

I was new to the actual work environment in the industry. At Buds Never Stop, I enjoyed the internship pretty well. I was doing the small task to help and facilitate my supervisor with his work, including visualization of data patterns and correlations, designing and engineering of features, analysis, and optimization of the neural network models. Besides that, I learned a lot from our CEO during casual talks. He pointed out how important it is to truly understand and excel in your field of expertise and moreover, know how to apply theoretical knowledge and bring people and their ideas together to produce something useful and meaningful. I also understand that regardless of profession, the ability to speak, write, and present ideas clearly are always the most valuable skills one should have. It is very difficult to coordinate and work together if even one of the team members cannot deliver his thoughts properly.

Overall, I am satisfied with my internship experience. It significantly changed the course of my life. It helped me to broaden my horizons in this state of uncertainty about what one should do after graduation. I will definitely recommend this internship program to my friends and peers.